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The Club is open every afternoon from 3:30pm till 7pm for Members and Guests

New Members are welcome and Coachingis available for children through to adults; from beginners to tournament players.


President: Brad Crear.

Vice President: Ben Crosthwaite.

Man's Captain: Rob Grima.

Ladies Captain:

Men's Vice Captain:

Ladies Vice Captain:

House Captain:

Junior Development Officer:

General Committee Members:


During the late 1980's Tarcoola Progress Association established the need for a sporting precinct in the local community, and that this facility should cater for the popular tennis playing fraternity. At the time John Fisher was the president of the Progress Association and he worked tirelessly to establish the Tarcoola Tennis Club (TPTC), which opened in 1989. At the time the facility was no more than 4 grass courts and a small toilet block. Who built it? What was the club membership? The club was only small with XXX numbers but they had grand plans.

As time went by the club managed to expand to include 8 grass courts, and further still in199? The club rooms were extended to what they are today. This extension was paid by equal contributions from a goverment grant, the Shire of Greenough and the Club itself. Tennis was going gangbusters in Geraldton at this stage and the TPTC was well supported by the community. Further development was in offfing during 2006 when the front 4 grass courts were resurfaced with synthetic grass court, and lights were also installed. Today these courts remain the envy of all the other clubs in the Midwest, and are extensively ased all year round, night and day.

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