Tarcoola Park Tennis Club

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TPTC Heineken Open
Feb 14th 2015

Valentines Day 2015 was an exceptional day for patrons of the TPTC Heineken Open, proudly sponsored by Lion Co. 4 Divisions fought it out to be crowned winners, but alas not everyone can claim glory. Congratulations to:

Heineken Division winners Gaylene Crear and Jack Hodgkinson

150 Lashed Division winners Sue Lawrence and Colin Mestranglo

5 Seeds division winners Sonia Alves and Ken Thomson

Corona division winners Helen Spivey and Ben "the grass cutter" Crossthwaite

All players had to battle the elements (wind) but a fabulous day was had by all...

John Fisher Day 
December 15th 2014

On December 15 2014 the John Fisher event was held. This event is a members only event to celebrate the clubs' history. John Fisher was instrumental getting the club formed in the late 1980's. Whilst he never played tennis he was a leader of the Mt Tarcoola suburb and could see this was a venue the neighbourhood wanted. 

The 2014 event was a magnificent day and well attended by the TPTC members. Both divisions fought hard but eventually the cream rose to the top. The play off was between Division Red Necks winners Colin Mestranglo and Leslie Obrien versus division Blue Bloods winners Brian Thompson and Sally McKenzie. There was significant heckling from the crowd who were enjoying a well earned shandy, but the eventual winners were Brian and Sally, both relatively new members to the club. The wining score in the play off set was 6-4. Congratulations to all competitors.

Sun City Tennis Academy Sponsors Day
October 25th 2014

TPTC Wimbledon on the Mount Competition - 
July 26th 2014